Have you ever faced an issue where you designed a web form, but the user didn’t fill the form?
If yes, then you are reading the right post.

The answer is simple. The size of the form is quite long, which makes the user bored.

Today, we will discuss overcoming the issue of “Big and Lengthy forms“. For this, I am going to use a simple technique which enhances the visual management and ensures the introduction of standardized working. This technique is known as “5s Methodology

It is split into 5 phases, each named after a different Japanese term beginning with the letter “S”; (Seiri, Seiton, Seiso, Seiketsu, Shitsuke) hence the name 5s.

Below are explanations of each step of the 5S process (which will help you in optimizing the Web form);

1. Seiri / Sorting

  • Identify each and every field of the form and bifurcate it into two groups: Value-adding item (actually needed) or Non-value adding item (not required).
  • Remove all those fields which are non-value adding and keep only those fields which are adding value to your business.

2. Seiton / Straighten

Now that all the remaining fields are value adding items, we will arrange them in an efficient manner through the use of ergonomic principles.
In simple words, we should “set the fields in order” in such a way so that the “Most used item” should be on Top and the “Least used item” should be at the Bottom of the form.

3. Seiso / Sweep

  • Clean the form and ensure that any non-conformity (defect) stands out; one possible defect is that “information entered in the form is not getting saved at backend”.
  • Rename the fields to make them more understandable; e.g. “Cell/Mobile Number 1” can be simply written as “Mobile 1”.

4. Seiketsu / Standardize

Ensure that you have common standards and ways of working.
It means that the Most value adding field should be most important for everyone, as it is adding value to the business.

5. Shitsuke / Sustain

Ensure that you continue to continually improve the form. Don’t think that it is a one time effort.
5S should become part of the culture of the business and the responsibility of everyone in the organization.
This technique can be useful for making your website forms more effective. It will increase the CTR (Click Through Rate), conversions as well as the UX (User Experience). So lets start simplifying / optimizing the forms and see the impact.
Hope you find this growth hack informative and interesting. Please Don’t Forget to give feedback or ask questions if you have any confusion.
Happy Learning..