Most of the time, you faced an issue where you have designed a form, but the user close the form instead of filing it. This issue results in:

  • High Bounce Rate
  • Low Conversions
  • No / Less value addition
  • Bad User Experience

If you are also facing this issue, then you are reading the right post and the tips are just for you.

Before going any further, lets know about the types of Web Forms. Following are the 4 types of Forms which are mainly used in a Website:

  1. Sign up form or information request
  2. Login form
  3. ‘Edit information’ form
  4. Unsubscribe form


Here I am targeting the ‘Edit information’ form. But the tips can be used for any of the forms.

To correct the issue (form not filled by users), first we have to identify the causes of this issue. There are several causes for this issue but the major ones are:

  • Form is too big and lengthy
  • Call-to-actions are Confusing / Irrelevant
  • UI (User Interface) of the form is Bad


Now that we have identified the causes, so lets move ahead towards the corrective actions. Correcting these causes will increase the Website Conversions, so lets take them one by one:

Simplifying form to increase CTR (Click Through Rate)

Clicks can be increased by simplifying the form and here I am sharing a simple and effective method for optimizing the form. Click to learn more.

Improving CTA (Call To Actions)

Call To Actions (CTA) are very important part of a form. Confusing / Irrelevant call to actions affects the form conversions as users sometimes clicks on the wrong CTA. To overcome this issue, I am sharing some tips which can improve the CTA.

Improving UI (User Interface)

Form conversions mostly depends on the Interface (UI) of the form. Good UI can increase the conversions and Bad UI can confuse the user, or worse, affects the User Experience. We can improve the Form UI by following some tips..

By following the above methods, we can optimize our Web Forms and make them effective. Optimized forms increases the conversions and also improves the User Experience.
So lets start optimizing all the forms and see the impact.
Hope you find my post informative and interesting. Please Don’t Forget to give feedback or ask questions if you have any confusion.
Happy Learning..