Growth Hacking Tips

A small change which leads to bigger impact

About the Author

Anchit Jain is a leading Growth Hacker who analyzes different sites & apps and suggests further improvements in terms of User Experience and Site Performance (through UI / UX Testing and Split Testing, SEO Audit etc.). He has the specialty of simplifying things and suggesting ways to improve Productivity and Process Efficiencies of internal business processes. He knows how to increase User Acquisition and reduce Customer Retention.

Anchit always analyzes and tests different Websites / Mobile Apps (on user’s request as well as his own choice) and suggests UI/ UX improvements to help the organizations for better conversions and revenue.

Recently, he started a new company “Digi-Jain“, where he helps individuals and new startups to build an online web presence (blog, website, portfolio) through CMS.


In his spare time, Anchit likes to study about the latest market trends and read about growth hacking, online marketing & testing.
Anchit can be reached at He tweets as @AnchitPhoenix and spies on other people at


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